Huawei E585 is one of the best modem routers you can invest because its not just a 3G modem which allows you to connect to the internet using the 3G connection but also allows you to connect 5 Wi-Fi devices. By default the E585 is configured to work with the 3 mobile network. To use your unlocked E585 with a different network operator, you should change the APN(Access Point Name) settings. Here are the steps to show you how to change the APN settings.

1. Power up E585 and connect it to PC

To get started please make sure the modem is powered up and it is connected to your computer using Wi-Fi.

2. Access 3MobileWiFi page

Open ’3MobileWiFi’ or directly locate the wireless IP to access the 3MobileWiFi page, it would be displayed giving you different options.

The default login info to this page would be [Login: Admin, Password:Admin].

3. Do the APN settings

i1. Click Advanced Settings > Connection Settings > Profile Settings > New

i2. ‘Profile Name’ — Anything you want (e.g. Vodafone Profile)

i3. ‘Connection Number’- *99#

i4. ‘UserName’ — Your network operator’s username (find network operator’s username)

i5. ‘Password’ — Your network operator’s password (find network operator’s username)

i6. ‘Authntication’ — PAP

i7. APN — Your network operator’s APN (find network operator’s APN)

i8. IP Address — Dynamic

i9. Click Save > Continue > Advance Settings > Connection Settings > Connection Settings

i10. Select your new profile from the ‘Profile List’ drop down menu (e.g. Vodafone Profile)

Then click on the Apply/Save and all the profile settings would be set. You have successfully changed the APN settings for your unlocked Huawei E585.

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