Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is a standard for easy and secure wireless network set up and connections. With WPS, the user simply activates the AP and the client device, then either enters the PIN provided by the manufacturer of the AP (PIN configuration) or pushes buttons on the AP and client device(s) (PBC configuration) to initiate the secure set-up. The user is no longer involved in setting a passphrase; the security codes are activated and communicated automatically. Huawei E5830 router has a WPS button for users, below I will show you how to establish a WPS connection with this 3G router.

  1. Power on the E5830

    huawei E5830 power button
    Press the power button and hold until the indicators become lightened, which indicates that the E5830 is powered on.
  2. Start the Clients connected with the E5830.
  3. Enable the WPS function of the E5830.
    Note: After the Wi-Fi is enabled, press and hold the WiFi/WPS button. When the Wi-Fi/WPS indicator becomes off first and then fast blinking in blue, the WPS of the E5830 is enabled.
  4. Enable the WPS function of the Clients.
    Note: For the Wi-Fi operations of the Clients see the Clients’ user guide.

Friendly Tips
If you cannot use the E5830 properly, you can try these following ways:
– See Help on the management program or Web management page.
– Restart the E5830.
– Restore the factory defaults.
– Contact your service provider.

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