Huawei E960 wireless gateway is a useful 3G router that has two working mode: wireless gateway mode and USB mode mode. Here are the details about the two working mode. If you want to learn more about E960, just read on and find more.

E960 wirelss gateway mode

  • Functions of E960 under wireless gateway mode:
    – High speed data
    – Voice service
    – Route
    – LAN and WLAN access
    – Web-based local management and maintenance.
  • How to run E960 under wireless gateway mode
    E960 wireless gateway mode
    1. Insert the SIM Card
    2. Connect the Power Adapter
    3. Connect to a PC
      If the indicator of the Ethernet interface connecting with a network cable is on, the connection is successful. The Ethernet cable cannot be longer than 100 meters(328 feets). For better effect, please use the shield cable.
    4. Connect to a telephone
      To avoid the call effect from the interfering by the wireless signal, place the telephone set one meter away from the E960
    5. Place the E960
      The E960 can be placed horizontally on a table, hanging against wall, or leaning against the pedestal. Place the E960 on a higher place or near the window, so it can receive better signal

E960 USB mdoem mode

  • Functions of E960 under USB modem mode:
    – High speed data
    – Voice service
    – wireless accessing the Internet
    – SMS
    – Phone book
    – Automatic installation, and plug-and-play
    – The power is supplied through the USB from the PC. Thus, no external power supply is required.
  • How to run E960 under USB mdoem mode
    E960 USB modem mode
    1. USB data cable
    2. Auxiliary USB data cable
    3. USB connector

    Steps to run the USB modem mode:

    1. Insert the SIM card.
    2. Connect the E960 and PC with a compatible USB data cable.
    3. The system automatically recognizes the new hardware, and displays on the loweright of the desktop. The E960 and PC are connected successfully.
    4. If the E960 is connected with a telephone set, you can make calls when you hear thedial tone.
    5. The Mobile Partner installation program of the E960 starts automatically. After the successful installation, the management program starts automatically, and the shortcut icon is displayed on the screen.
    6. Enter the Mobile Partner, and you can perform the applications such as wireless accessing the Internet, SMS, email, and phone book.

Now, do you get to know the two modes of E960 router clearly? Hope this article helps. For anyother question, please comment below.

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