MF60 router provides USB cable way and Wi-Fi way to establish a connection between MF60 and clients.

Establish connection via USB cable

  1. Connect your MF60 and the client with the USB cable.
  2. Power on MF60.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the software installation. After the installation, the system will create a shortcut icon on your desktop. The connection between MF60 and the client wil be established successfully a moment later.
    ZTE MF60 USB

Establish connection via Wi-Fi

  1. Power on MF60 directly. It will take 1-2 minutes to initialize.
  2. Use your normal Wi-Fi application on the client to search the available wireless network.
    You need to check your Wireless Network Connection. Set the client to obtain an IP address automatically in the Internet protocol(TCP/IP) properties, and the client will get an IP address like “″.
  3. Delect the SSID of MF60, and then click Connect.
    Note: there will be a pop-up window to require the password. Check the label on your device to gain the SSID and preset password information. Please do remenmber the new password when you chage the pasword by selecting SEttings -> Wi-Fi settings -> Security after logging in the WebGUI Configuration Page. You can restore the device to factory default settings in case you forget it.
  4. Wait a moment, the connection beteen your device and the client will be established successfully.
    ZTE MF60 wifi

After establishing the connection, you can access the Internet in the Always On and Manual mode with ZTE MF60.

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