Click Advanced Settings in the management page, you can configure both the basic attributes and advanced parameters of the Huawei B970b, and also perform routine maintenance and management to the device. Now, let’us move to the DHCP setting function page.

Click to access the DHCP Settings page, you can set the mode for assigning IP addresses in a LAN. DHCP automatically assigns IP addresses to the network devices. If you are using the DHCP server, you need to do the configurations on the PC connecting with the device. For details, see “Configuring the Network Connection”.
• IP Address: The default IP address of the device is
• Subnet Mask: The combination of the subnet mask and IP address enables the flexible sub netting. By default, the subnet mask is
DHCP Server: It is used to assign IP addresses dynamically. If the DHCP server is Enabled, it can automatically assign IP addresses for PCs. It is recommended to select Enabled for the DHCP server.
• Start IP Address/End IP Address: It is used to define the IP address range that the host can use during the IP address assignment. For example, in the network segment, the default IP address of the device is The host IP address can range from to The minimum range is a single IP address.
• DHCP Lease Time: The DHCP server automatically assigns an IP address to each device connected to the network. When the leased time expires, the DHCP server checks whether the device is connected to the network. If the device is disconnected from the network, the server assigns the IP address to another device. Thus, the IP address is not wasted.
The Start IP Address must be smaller than or equal to the End IP Address.
• If the DHCP Server is Enabled, the configurations of Start IP Address, End IP address, and DHCP Lease Time are valid; otherwise, you cannot configure them.

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