Here are some FAQs for you. When you are using B970b router, you may encouter the following problems, help these solutions help.

What should I do if no networks found in the WLAN mode using B970b?
1.Connect the router using the supplied ethernet cable
2.Make sure that you have turned WLAN on in the Management Interface
3.Make sure that SSID Broadcast is enabled in the Management Interface

4.Reset the router

What are the differences among manual, on demand and Auto modes of PPP connection? How do I put them into application?
You can modify it in “Advanced Settings->Dial-up Settings->PPP Settings” page, in “PPP Connection” list you can select the dial-up connection mode.
The differences among Manual, On Demand and Auto modes are described as follows:
a) On Demand: The gateway automatically dials to connect internet when you attempt to send data through internet.
b) Manual: The gateway dials to connect internet by clicking “Connect” on the connection page of the management console.
c) Auto: The gateway automatically dials to access internet when it is switched on

If I forgot my password, how can I restore the Router back to its factory settings?
To reset your Router Management Interface password, you must reset your Router to the factory default settings. a) On one side of the router, there is a reset button. Press the reset button for five seconds and the router will be reset to the factory settings. Please notice that: this will change all settings including any modified Wi-Fi settings back to the factory presets. b) Please log into the management page, Advanced Settings -> System -> Restore Defaults, restore the default settings.

Why is the WLAN (Wireless) speed of my router slower than expected?
Check devices/objects that may block the signal such as other wireless devices (mobile phones for example), any electrical cabling or large structures in the house like brick walls etc. And try to move the router to combat these issues.

How many PCs can I connect to my router?
You can connect your PC using Ethernet cables and also have multiple computers connected to the Router using WLAN. Generally, the number of users accessing router simultaneously is no more than 32.

How many hosts can be specified as a DMZ host on B970b at a time?
Only one computer can be specified as a DMZ host at a time. The Demilitarized (DMZ) function allows the computer to be exposed to the Internet. You can modify it in “Security->DMZ Settings”.

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