Enter the address in the address bar and then select a user type to log in, you will quickly enter into the management of Huawei B970b.

Operation Functions
The following table shows the main operations in the management page.

Item Description
Basic Status Displays the parameter configuration status of the device.
Quick Setup Quickly configures the device.
Connection Displays the network connection status and connects to the network.
Advanced Settings Configures the advanced settings.
Security Configures the security settings.
Logout Log out of the management page.

Device Status
The following table shows the status information of the device.

Item Green icon Red icon
SIM The card is valid. The card is not inserted or is invalid.
WAN The PPP dial-up connection is established. The PPP dial-up connection is not established.
WCDMA The WCDMA network is available. The WCDMA network is unavailable.
Note: If the device is registered with other network modes, the corresponding network connection status is displayed.
SIG The signal strength from weak to strong is shown from one bar to six bars.

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