You may set up wireless home networks with Huawei B970b rush through the job to get the Internet connectivity working as quickly as possible. That’s totally understandable. It’s also quite risky as numerous security problems can result. Today’s Wi-Fi networking products don’t always help the situation as configuring their security features can be time-consuming and non-intuitive. Let’s view the following security settings you can do for your B970b wireless router.

Click Security. You can configure the advanced security settings.

Firewall Switch
B970b router has a true firewall that controls the incoming and outgoing data flow and protects your computer from illegal intrusion.
1. Click firewall icon.
2. Select the Enable the firewall (main switch of the firewall) check box to enable the firewall.
• Only when the Enable the firewall check box is selected, the other functions such as the IP address filter function, the MAC address filter function, and the WAN port ping function are available.
• When the Enable LAN MAC address filter check box is selected, the default filter rules are available.
3. Select other options as required, and then click Apply.

LAN MAC Filter
Huawei B970b supports MAC filtering based on a list of either denied or allowed computers. A common method to restrict network access is to specify the Media Access Control (MAC) address.
To locate the MAC address in the Windows OS, choose Start > Run, and then enter cmd.
The command window is displayed, enter ipconfig/all, and then press Enter.
The MAC address is displayed as the Physical Address.
1. Click MAC address icon.
2. Select LAN MAC Filter Mode.
3. Enter the MAC addresses of the clients and click Apply.

LAN IP Filter
You can configure the device to block specific IP
addresses so that they cannot be accessed from computers in the local network.
1. Click LAN IP icon.
2. Select Protocol and Status.
3. Enter the IP addresses and corresponding ports to be blocked from accessing the LAN.
4. Click Ok.
• Validate: Click Apply.
• Edit: Click edit icon in the Modification column.
• Delete: Click delete icon in the Modification column.

Virtual Server
B970b wireless router supports the virtual server to enable external computers to access WWW, FTP, or other services provided by the LAN.
1. Click virtual server icon.
2. Select Protocol and Status.
3. Enter values in the following text boxes:
• Name: Enter a name to the service provided by the LAN.
• WAN Port: Enter the WAN port of the LAN in which the computer provides services.
• IP Address: Specify a computer in the LAN to provide services.
• LAN Port: Enter the LAN port of the computer that provides services.
Note: You can also add a virtual server in the following way: select a port from the Common Port list. The Protocol, Status, Name, WAN Port, and LAN Port will be set as the default values. If required, you can change them.
4. Click Ok.
• Validate: Click Apply.
• Edit: Click edit icon in the Modification column.
• Delete: Click delet icon in the Modification column.

DMZ Settings
If your PC cannot run network applications through the device, you can set the computer to access the Internet unlimitedly by configuring the IP address of the computer in the demilitarized zone (DMZ).
However, the DMZ computer is not protected by the firewall. It is vulnerable to attack and may also put other computers in the home network at risk.
1. Click DMZ icon.
2. Select Enabled/Disabled for DMZ Status to enable or disable the DMZ service.
3. Enter the local IP address of the computer that is specified as a DMZ host.
4. Click Apply.
Note: Only one computer can be specified as a DMZ host at a time.

UPnP Settings
The Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) service allows other network users to control your device’s network features to realize the intelligent interconnection.
1. Click UPnP icon.
2. Select Enabled/Disabled for UPnP Status to enable or disable the UPnP service.
3. Click Apply.

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