Click Advanced Settings in the management page, you can configure both the basic attributes and advanced parameters of the Huawei B970b router, and also perform routine maintenance and management to the device. Now, let’us move to the system management page.

Click the computer icon to access the System page.

Changing the Password
You can change the login password to prevent unauthorized users from logging in to the management page.
1. Click the key icon.
2. Enter the current password, and then enter the new password and confirm it.
3. Click Modify.

Upgrading the device
1. Click the computer icon.
2. Enter the path or click Browse to select the software image file to be updated.
3. Click Upgrade.
• After the system is upgraded, the system automatically restarts.
• The software programs for upgrading must come from the official website of Huawei or the official website of the service provider.
• Upgrading the software does not change the configuration of the client.

Restoring the Factory Defaults
If you need to reconstruct the network or you forget the changes of some parameters, you can choose to restore factory defaults and reconfigure the device.
Click restore icon to access the Restore Defaults page, and then click Restore.
After this operation, all configurations are restored to the defaults.

Restarting the Device
1. Click the reboot icon to access the Reboot page.
2. Click Reboot.

Viewing the Version Information
Click to the version icon access the Version page.

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