This article will show you how to install hardware of MF60, including inserting SIM card, battery, and microSD Card, and charge it.

Inserting SIM Card and Battery

  1. Use the thrub catch at the botton of the device to open the battery cover.

  2. Insert the SIM card into the SIM card holder

  3. Insert the battery as shown with the contacts located against the metal springs, and press the battery down into the case.

  4. Line the battery cover up correctly and press gently to close the case.

Inserting the microSD Card

  1. Pull the microSD cover out of the card slot.
  2. Insert the microSD card into the microSD slot. The following picture shows the correct inserting direction. You will hear a click when the microSD card and lockes in place.

  3. Close the microSD cover.

Charging MF60
You can charge your MF60 mobile hotspot by using USB cable or adapter.

  1. Insert the charger lead carefully with the plug arrow facing the bottom of the MF60.

  2. The plug only fits one way. Do not user excessive force to insert the plug.
  3. Make sure the plug is the right way round and lined up correctly and insert it gently.

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