ZTE MF60 mobile hotspot enables you to access the 3G network in minutes. And it’s easy to finish the setup process with the quick setup way. Here are the quick setup guide steps. Before the setting, please make sure the connection between your device and the client is correct.

  1. Lauch explorer and enter or http://ufi.home in the address bar. Then the following login page window appears. Input the case-sensitive default password "admin", and then click Login to access the WebGUI configuration page.

  2. After logging in, select Quick Settings, and then the Quick Setup wizard appears.

    Click next button to the second setup step.
  3. Then come to the PPP profile configuration setttings of APN setting, and click next button to the next step.
  4. SSID settting step appears. SSID is the public name of a wireless network, you must know the SSID to enter the wireless network if you want other WiFi-enabled devices to use the MF60 to access 3G network. So, try to make a easy to remember name! Then click next.

  5. Then come to the security configuration setting step. Choose the encryption mode and specify the password.
  6. Check the information at this following window and then click apply button.

    After that, the prompt information will appear to tell you have connected the Internet.

The quick setup wizard guides you how to set the basic parameters for your MF60 3G router in the safest way. After this procedure, you can use your enjoy the high speed 3G network anytime and anywhere.

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