Last post, I talked about how to set up WiFi network with Huawei E960 3G router. This post I will tell you how to set up WiFi security for E960. Setting up Huawei E960′s WiFi security can protect your WLAN from illegal data attacking. Here are the illustrations for you. You need to set up security and a password to prevent other users using your broadband when you have your wireless network on.

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How to set up Wi-Fi on your Huawei E960, here are the steps for you.

  1. In the address field on your Internet browser, type
  2. Type “admin” into the Password box and click on the “Login” button
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Huawei E960 wireless gateway is a useful 3G router that has two working mode: wireless gateway mode and USB mode mode. Here are the details about the two working mode. If you want to learn more about E960, just read on and find more.

E960 wirelss gateway mode
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Here are the steps to show you how to connect Huawei E226 usb modem to Internet with your Mac OS.

  1. Download the driver software provided by Huawei/Claro here: When run, it will install the modem driver, and it will install the application named “” into the Applications folder. Doubleclick “”, a screen appears with Claro connection info already filled in.
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