Here you can find the answers to some of the most common questions aobut ZTE MF60 pool owners have.

  • How to access MF60 WebGUI configuration page?
    1. Make sure the connection between your device and the client is correct
    2. Lauch explorer and enter or http://ufi.home in the address bar.
    3. Then use the default password “admin” to access the WebGUI configuration page.
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MF60 router provides USB cable way and Wi-Fi way to establish a connection between MF60 and clients.

Establish connection via USB cable

  1. Connect your MF60 and the client with the USB cable.
  2. Power on MF60.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the software installation. After the installation, the system will create a shortcut icon on your desktop. The connection between MF60 and the client wil be established successfully a moment later.
    ZTE MF60 USB

Establish connection via Wi-Fi

  1. Power on MF60 directly. It will take 1-2 minutes to initialize.
  2. Use your normal Wi-Fi application on the client to search the available wireless network.
    You need to check your Wireless Network Connection. Set the client to obtain an IP address automatically in the Internet protocol(TCP/IP) properties, and the client will get an IP address like “″.
  3. Delect the SSID of MF60, and then click Connect.
    Note: there will be a pop-up window to require the password. Check the label on your device to gain the SSID and preset password information. Please do remenmber the new password when you chage the pasword by selecting SEttings -> Wi-Fi settings -> Security after logging in the WebGUI Configuration Page. You can restore the device to factory default settings in case you forget it.
  4. Wait a moment, the connection beteen your device and the client will be established successfully.
    ZTE MF60 wifi

After establishing the connection, you can access the Internet in the Always On and Manual mode with ZTE MF60.

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ZTE MF60 mobile hotspot enables you to access the 3G network in minutes. And it’s easy to finish the setup process with the quick setup way. Here are the quick setup guide steps. Before the setting, please make sure the connection between your device and the client is correct.

  1. Lauch explorer and enter or http://ufi.home in the address bar. Then the following login page window appears. Input the case-sensitive default password "admin", and then click Login to access the WebGUI configuration page.
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Cannot use your Wi-Fi iPad to surf on the 3G Internet in places without Wi-Fi hotspots nearby? Take your time. Here this tutorial will show you how to turn your Wi-Fi iPad to 3G iPad with 3G mobile router ZTE MF60. This might be the most feasible solution and the easiest one for iPad users. It remove any of the streaming-video content restrictions reported by iPad 3G users.

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This article will show you how to install hardware of MF60, including inserting SIM card, battery, and microSD Card, and charge it.

Inserting SIM Card and Battery
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Still making a difficult decision about whether or not to splurge for the costlier iPads that come outfitted for 3G connectivity over AT&T’s or Verizon’s wireless network?
Do not think any more about it. Another economical alternative is here for you: forget a iPad with 3G, and get a 3G mobile hotspot router instead! Now the fatest speed 3G router is ZTE MF60 which gives maximum 8 users super fast Internet experience simultaneously with upto 21.6Mbps download speed.

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