Here you can find the answers to some of the most common questions aobut ZTE MF60 pool owners have.

  • How to access MF60 WebGUI configuration page?
    1. Make sure the connection between your device and the client is correct
    2. Lauch explorer and enter or http://ufi.home in the address bar.
    3. Then use the default password “admin” to access the WebGUI configuration page.
  • How to do the restore the factory default setting of MF60?
    Hold the WPS and Power buttons simultaneously until the LED screen turns off, and then release the buttons. The device will restart automatically and restore to the factory default settings.
  • How to use the WPS function of MF60?
    If your client device supports WPS, you need not to input the password manually after WPS has been available. Here are the stesp:
    – Start up your MF60.
    – Launch the client device connected to your device.
    – Enable the WPS function of your MF60
    Enable the WPS function of the client.
    If the currenty security mode of the MF60 is OPEN or SHARE, the WPS function is useless.
  • How to run the installation program if the system does not launch installation automatically?
    go to My Computer -> Portable Hotspot, the driver of MF60 will be installed at the same time.
  • How to enter to the sleep mode?
    When you enable the Wi-Fi function and use the battery to supply power to the device, once no user connects to the MF60 within 10 minuters or you press the WPS button , MF60 will be enter the sleep mode, and LED screen will be turned off. In the sleep mode, the Wi-Fi function will be disabled. To wake up MF60, press Power or WPS button.

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